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Cheshire Resident Proud To Support President Trump

Cheshire Resident Proud To Support President Trump

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

President Trump is the ultimate disruptor. We elected him to clean up the mess in Washington. He is going a great job, doing more to keep his election promises than any prior President. We like that he speaks to us, not down at us.

Some people are quick to describe Pres.Trump as a bully, but consider this: Trump is simply standing up—to the constant barrage of insults, threats (and now actions) of impeachment, attacks on members of his administration and associates, bullying of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, bullying of members of his Cabinet, and bullying by Hollywood, academia, the Democrats in Congress, leftists, wealthy Democrats, the partisan party-press, and Silicon Valley.

The attacks on this President are unprecedented in American history … all because of a lost election. I thank God every day that President Trump has the fortitude to withstand all of the white-hot vitriol thrown his way. He is a New York City street fighter. They don’t make them any tougher.

Trump supporters are not monolithic, but I feel comfortable saying the following: We are regular people, with regular dreams, and regular jobs. We believe in God, country, religious liberty, and free speech. We value human life. We support our military and law enforcement. We want our borders protected and employers to put Americans first. We are tired of being called stupid, ignorant, uneducated (I have a Ph.D. myself), racist, deplorable, Islamaphobic, homophobic, and transphophic. We are tired of being held in contempt. We are passionate about the 2nd Amendment, knowing that we have the right to defend ourselves and our families—and sometimes other innocent people.

We are appalled at the disrespect shown to President Trump. Love him or hate him, he is the President of the United States, elected fair and square. We know that he is brash and unpolished, but he is our champion, caring about us. No one else does.

Count me as a proud Trump supporter. There are millions and millions of us: conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and independents. Hear us roar.

Sandy Lueder



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