Sampson Should Practice What He Preaches

Sampson Should Practice What He Preaches

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


In Sen. Rob Sampson latest op-ed in The Cheshire Herald, he complains about the lack of bipartisanship and how he is mistreated. He asserted, for example, that a photo of him at a hearing, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, was misrepresented. If he was, indeed, praying in this somewhat unusual position, rather than sleeping, he is owed an apology.

On the other hand, Sen. Sampson is not above misrepresentation himself. In what seems to be his unending quest to limit voter participation, he often cites a photo of a ballot drop box with envelopes stuck half out of the slot as evidence of their lack of security. Yet, as was recently revealed by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, the photo in question was taken three days after voting in the primary election had ended and the box was locked. In fact, a sign stating so is clearly seen in the picture.

So, the photo demonstrates exactly the opposite: the town officials acted properly and prevented people from voting after the election. This information also suggests to me that the photo may, in fact, have been staged.

I agree with Sen. Sampson that hyper-partisanship has increased greatly in the last decade or so, starting from the Republican meeting on the night of President Obama’s inauguration, and recently repeated by Sen. McConnell, that Republican Senators would vote for a bill proposed by a Democratic President. If he wants to do something about it, I suggest he start with himself, by not spreading misinformation.


Martin E. Cobern


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