Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

I am writing in response to the Aug. 8 article entitled, “Councilors Don’t See Need For More Land Acquisitions.”

I found the comment by Town Councilor Rob Oris Jr.in need of a wider perspective.

I can understand his frustration in the lack of access to a few acquisitions, such as Chapman, Dime/Yankee Expressway and even DeDominicis with its limited parking. I am frustrated with that as well.  However, the case for buying land for open space makes sense financially, environmentally and aesthetically.

Time and again, studies have found that buying land for open space is beneficial. Housing ends up costing more in town services given than what is paid out by homeowners. Open space helps to protect water resources, aquifers and watersheds, reducing the need for extensive and expensive treatments to our drinking water. Forested open space and wetlands are beneficial to health and infrastructure as a filter for drinking water and to create cleaner air and wetlands help to control flooding and storm water runoff, a major contributor to water pollution. Open space is also found to be an economic driver for towns, improving property values, quality of life issues and aesthetics of a town.

Here is another reason to pursue open space in Cheshire: There is not much left. Land is finite. They don’t make more.

We cannot afford to wait. While we wait — others will not; and there will be no land left to buy when we are ready. Open space is an investment in our future — for our kids and our community.

Joy VanderLek



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