Trail Safety Is Up To Everyone

Trail Safety Is Up To Everyone

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


As a frequent user of the bike trail, as a walker and a biker, and as a driver on the Cheshire roads, I would like to comment on what my husband and I have noticed in the past years.

As a biker, I have noticed that not everyone appears to be aware of basic rules for biking safety. Riders should stay to the right (not ride three abreast) when riding. Speed limits should be observed as the trail is not a raceway, and it is always polite to advise walkers ahead that one is, “passing on the left.” I always did this until I did obtain my bell. (Bells for the bikes, by the way, are not expensive). I noticed that when I use it, walkers always smile and say, “Thank you.”

Biking is a great exercise and children should be taught the rules early and they should be supervised by adults. Having a child on a bicycle or tricycle pull out in front of you is very dangerous. For the walkers, we should be aware of our surroundings. I have used my bell to announce my presence and often am not heard because someone has ear buds in their ears. When crossing West Main Street, walkers and bikers should always take advantage of the light and wait until it is red. Once that happens, everyone should look to make sure the oncoming traffic does stop.

On multiple occasions, I have seen cars and trucks just blow through the light. As a driver, even if the light is green, the car should be going slowly and the driver should be checking both sides of the trail because bikers and walkers do have the tendency to not use the light, and I have personally had occasion to have someone walk or ride out in front of me. If we all work together, we can all enjoy the trail and be safe.


Christine Kasinskas



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