Two “Revolutionaries” Shine Through During COVID-19 Crisis

Two “Revolutionaries” Shine Through During COVID-19 Crisis

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

I am just sick of it! I am sick of all of the COVID-19 drama … and if I see one more ad or interview claiming that, “We are all in this together,” I will scream. We aren’t. Some of us are “in it” more than others.

I am respectful of the virus and am terribly, terribly sad for those who have lost loved ones. I am in awe of our first responders. I know, as do we all, that people and businesses must take care to protect themselves and others.

I am sick of the mask-mandating, lockdown-ordering, business-wrecking, citizen-bankrupting, civil-liberty-violating actions of our overreaching governor.

I am sick of the so-called “health experts” making contradictory, cavalier, random, unsolicited, and wrong statements. Models can predict nothing … as anyone who understands models (like me) knows. We still don’t know much of anything.

I am sick of the partisan-party news media hype, fear-mongering, and droning on and on as if the sky is falling. It isn’t.

It is times like these when unexpected revolutionaries emerge. Enter two women: Shelley Luther in Texas and Lindsey Graham in Oregon. Both women are salon owners. Both women defied lockdown orders. Both women talked about needing to feed their kids. Luther was hauled into court, accused of being selfish by the judge, ordered to jail for seven days, and fined $7,000. She refused the “opportunity” to apologize to the judge. Luther did us all proud by standing up for her civil liberties.

Graham faced a similar situation in Oregon. She re-opened her salon even though she was threatened with more than $70,000 in fines. The state followed through. OSHA fined her $14,000, claiming that she was putting her employees at risk, even though she has independent contractors, not employees. She was threatened with more fines if she did not shut down. State child welfare authorities threatened to take her children away, and the city of Salem threatened to terminate her lease. With all of this, she did not stand down.

As we move through this dark tunnel, Shelley and Lindsey are two very welcome gleams of light. What an honor to know them.


Sandy Lueder


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