Whats Wanted And What’s Affordable Two Different Things

Whats Wanted And What’s Affordable Two Different Things

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


The cost of living is expected to skyrocket in the very near future.

Everyone “wants” a piece of the pie … or is a piece of your wallet? The Biden Administration wants a $2 trillion plan for “infrastructure improvements” among other increases for environmental changes. Gas prices are already on the rise.

The state of Connecticut “wants” to implement programs that will also take from your wallet increasing your taxes. Our Town Manager has recommended a $121.5 million dollar, a 4.57% increase, in our taxes. There is another chunk out of your wallet.

The School Modernization Committee “wants” new schools and is about to drop a money bomb that the residents of Cheshire can’t afford in the long run.

The Town Council is reviewing a $14.87 million master plan for the former Chapman property and also reviewing other requests from the Police and Fire Departments.

Dumping all of this on the taxpayer at one time is going to set off economic disparities and create a fiscal downfall. Tax abatement incentives to retain large taxpayers only add to residential tax increases in the future for town services. The question is not when will it end because it will always be there in some form. The answer is to be fiscally responsible and develop budgets that coincide with each other to make the pathway of the future successful and affordable for all residents.

We need leadership that protects our values and looks out for the people to protect their future based upon the needs of the people, not the “wants” of a few.


Ray Ilnicki


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