Who are we?

The Cheshire Herald was founded in 1953 by Howard and Ruth True.

In the inaugural editorial of the Feb. 4, 1953, issue, Mr. True shared his vision for the newspaper:

“The columns of this newspaper will be open for the legitimate use of its readers and it is hoped that The Herald will become a medium for the expression of independent thought, that it will be used for the dissemination of information pertaining to town affairs, that it will become a force for good in the community.”


Sixty-four years later, the staff of The Cheshire Herald is still guided by Mr. True’s philosophies and ideologies.

On a weekly basis, in addition to local news coverage, we devote an entire section to our blue-ribbon public school system and our nationally acclaimed sports programs. We also cater to our local business community with a special “business happenings” page each week.

We publish every Thursday and look forward to working with you to develop an effective ad campaign that meets your company’s needs. We have been entrusted to continue the excellence The Herald committed to over 50 years ago and appreciate the opportunity you afford us to do so.


Our Connecticut Publications

  • The Cheshire Herald- Cheshire

Our Sister Publications

  • The Record-Journal - Meriden, Wallingford, Southington & Cheshire
  • The Cheshire Citizen - Cheshire
  • The Southingon Citizen - Southington
  • The Plainville Citizen - Plainville
  • The Town Times - Durham & Middlefield
  • The Berlin Citizen - Berlin
  • The North Haven Citizen - North Haven

What do we stand for?


Quality Journalism

As one of the few remaining independently owned news organizations, we are committed to providing quality coverage of the events and issues that shape our community, while providing a forum for readers and their thoughts and interests.

Helping Businesses Grow

  • Liz White
  • President & Publisher